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When you hire a third party to assist with your hospital’s self-pay recovery efforts, access to real-time data can make the difference between a successful partnership and unsuccessful one. Your financial investment into the relationship should be a profitable one, and you should be provided with the ability to drill down into the partner’s performance and use the data generated by their efforts to further enhance the performance of your revenue cycle.

CaptureNet provides its clients with a robust Business Intelligence (BI) platform in an integrated business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution that helps to analyze key business data and generate meaningful insights. The solution helps clients to collect data from multiple source points to create a collective dataset with live visual analytics and interactive dashboard allow slicing and dicing datasets for generating relevant insights and exploring new opportunities.

Healthcare systems can create interactive maps and analyze data across regions, CBOs, demographics and more. CaptureNet helps to create a narrative story of the data analysis with interactive visualizations that can be shared with audiences from the C-suite to front-line staff.

CaptureNet’s data analysis enables our clients to perform data mining, online analytical processing, and visual reporting. These tools offer far greater benefit to the hospitals we service than the standard reporting tools to which most have become accustomed.  All data and information is available 24×7 so your team of revenue cycle professionals can consume the data and information as needed.

Access to this information provides several benefits to your hospital’s revenue cycle management team:

Real-Time Data – Time spent waiting on reports is time that could have been invested into productive changes that could improve your revenue cycle. Robust BI platforms provide detail in real time eliminating the time spent waiting for actionable information.

Transparency and Accountability –  Robust BI platforms provide complete transparency over your self-pay recovery vendor’s performance thus holding them accountable for the activity they are conducting on your behalf to maximize your self-pay balances.

The on-demand, interactive, transparent, BI platform made available by CaptureNet provides visual dashboards that are second to none in the industry. CaptureNet spends a considerable about of time customizing each set of client dashboards to provide the on-demand insight that is needed by each hospital we serve.  With CaptureNet, clients are no longer in the dark as to what their self-pay vendors are doing with their accounts. Our clients instantly see all performance expectations are met for every account, regardless of what the balance is when referred. CaptureNet provides is end of status quo recovery efforts! How can we help you obtain a clear view of your self-pay recovery process?

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