Medina Memorial Hospital Increases Self-Pay Collections By 25% with CaptureNet

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Case Study

Orleans Community Health is a full-service community health provider serving 43,000 residents in Orleans, Eastern Niagara, and Northern Genesee counties in New York. The organization started with the founding of Medina Memorial Hospital which still operates today as a part of the Orleans Community Health System.   The hospital has grown significantly since its humble beginnings as a 9-bed hospital in 1908, but one thing has remained constant: the organization’s commitment to meeting the needs of its patients.

The Challenge:

Streamlining Processes for Patient Engagement with the Billing Process

Before CaptureNet, Medina Memorial Hospital’s Patient Financial Services team were using an outside billing company to collect self-pay revenues owed by patients. The collection processes were inefficient and the hospital was suffering from revenue losses. Mark Cye, Medina Memorial’s Chief Financial Officer, recognized this as an area in need of improvement leading him to seek the assistance of outside vendors. “We looked to several vendors to help us find a solution to our challenges,” explained Mark.  “Ultimately the decision to use CaptureNet came from an analysis they performed using our very own data.”

The Solution:

CaptureNet Self-Pay Recovery Solution

CaptureNet’s commitment to implementing workflow processes specific to the policies and procedures in place at Medina Memorial Hospital contributed to Mark’s decision to select CaptureNet as their self-pay solution provider.

“CaptureNet is very customer oriented. Previously we dealt with vendors who wanted to run our processes their way. CaptureNet understood our needs and tailored a solution to fit our processes. We also like that CaptureNet has a local community presence. We don’t have people overseas calling our patients collecting money. Their collection specialists know and understand our community. That local connection has led to additional collections.”

In addition, Mark spoke about the ease of implementation of CaptureNet’s Self-Pay Recovery Solution: “From the very beginning, the burden of this project was on CaptureNet, not on us. Each day, my staff and I have so many fires to put out.  We don’t have the luxury of having an individual to devote solely to a project like this. That was one of our upfront concerns, but it was not a problem.  The implementation took 60-90 days from the time of our initial meeting to the time they took over our billing. During that time, I only met with CaptureNet about a half hour each week to review their progress and verify information.”

The Result:

Near Immediate Increase in Self-Pay Payments and Reduction in Associated Recovery Costs

In less than three months, Medina Memorial realized a 25% increase in cash collections in addition to a 10-15% reduction in collection costs since implementing CaptureNet’s solution. “We had collection gains within first 30 days! I was amazed how fast that happened!  Our patients receive their bills a lot faster, and consequently, we got paid faster. Prior to CaptureNet, we were waiting 60 to 90 days to bill. By the time the bill went out, the patient forgot about the service they received. This lowered the likelihood they would pay.  Now that CaptureNet is handling our bills, they are going out immediately which means the bill is received by the patient when the service is still fresh on their mind. We collect more and get paid faster.”

When considering services like CaptureNet, professionals often worry “is this going to be a good decision or is it not?  Is this vendor really going to perform as expected?”  Mark agrees. “All vendors promise great returns but they don’t all deliver.  Our Patient Financial Service Director is a veteran to this industry and even she said ‘this is so much easier!’”

When asked what he would say to someone thinking about hiring CaptureNet, Mark replied: “Do it. It’s a no-brainer. The transition was a smooth one that happened quickly. We wanted to increase our active self-pay recovery as fast as possible. From preliminary analysis to implementation, CaptureNet did all the work. We did not have to provide any additional resources to bolster the project. CaptureNet provides a wide breadth of products no other company offers so comprehensively.”