How We Are Different

At CaptureNet, our passion is innovation of technology-driven performance solutions to boost recovery and improve the patient’s experience with the billing process. Our objective in founding CaptureNet was to disrupt the status-quo self-pay world with technology innovations to drive materially improved recovery performance and to respond to the increasing client demand for patient satisfaction with the billing process. We ensure a consistent application of leading-edge best practices enhanced with predictive analytics, workflows personalized to the individual guarantor level, and premium customer service.

While most early-out vendors’ flexibility is technologically limited by their collection software vendors all CaptureNet systems and integrated processes have been developed internally on an enterprise level foundation. Consequently, our development expertise and unique systems’ capabilities give us unprecedented flexibility in providing customized services and results for our clients—from process rules to combined billing to business intelligence reporting to statement design–our clients are in control. 

We have improved net collections of patient responsibility receivables by a national average of 26% and doubled operational efficiency historically delivered by outdated in-house methods and third party letter service, outsource, EBO, and early-out tools.

Our Process

Look Back

We take the 24 months of data and break it into 13 segments—IP, OP ER, and then by dollar range within those segments.


The resulting performance analysis helps us understand different attributes of the data unique to the client.

Develop 12 Month Performance Baseline

Prior to Go-live with a new Client, we complete building a predictive model, specific to the client’s service area— using the historical data as the foundation and then appending improved information as new accounts are referred. These models are routinely recalibrated to reflect new information and trends that occur over time.

Look Ahead

At Go-Live as referrals begin and starting with the account demographic information received from the hospital, we perform upfront skip-tracing to fill in any blanks and to obtain secondary contact info to be used in a “waterfall” process should the original data prove to be wrong through returned mail or wrong phone numbers. Also, front-end insurance eligibility screening takes place to identify any potential third party payor source that may not have been reported by the patient during admission or not captured by the hospital. Further, we append additional demographic data and non-FICO credit information about individual guarantors to improve the models’ predictability

Application of Predictive Models

This data is then processed to obtain a granular picture of a guarantor’s propensity to pay—the resultant scores allow us to strategically segment referred accounts and enables us to assign a specific workflow code to optimize recovery for the Client.

Guarantor Intelligence Gathered

At this point we can predict who will pay, how much they will pay and when they will pay. The intelligence derived from the analytics drives the appropriate workflow codes for each guarantor. A workflow code designates the programmed activity that will occur during the course of the next 30 day period. The programmed activity is an optimal combination of print mail, IVR phone attempts, texts, and emails with scripts and messages tailored to the individual guarantor. These codes are adjusted every 30 days based on the activity that occurred in the previous 30 days.

Unique, Systematic Scheduling

All collection activity is pre-determined, scheduled, and executed using CaptureNet’s proprietary automated workflow management module embedded within CaptureNet. This removes the guess work, gut work, and potential for human error related to scheduling and executing for each Client’s collection campaigns. The workflow matrix for each Client is determined based on interviews and discussions of Client policies and procedures with the Client during the implementation process and before go-live. CaptureNet’s proprietary automated workflow management module assigns optimal workflow activities for each account based on attributes for each Guarantor. The compliance, execution, and results of the automated collection activity are monitored through a series of BI dashboards.

The productivity and performance of the CaptureNet agents are monitored using the following metrics: number of calls answered, average talk time, number of payments processed, number of issues resolved, weekly QA score, and the number of patient complaints.

Patient Engagement

Integrated into the holistic CaptureNet functionality are numerous innovative and creative value-added processes to drive active patient engagement and improve the patient experience with the billing process, streamline workflow, and reduce clients’ internal operating cost related to self-pay management.


CaptureNet’s operational communication process is automated; ensuring workflow is not only consistent but compliant as well. Patients are provided with multiple communication options including automated calls that offer a self-service IVR and live patient account representatives. A robust patient portal empowers the patient to manage their accounts while live chat gives those who prefer messaging over a live call the opportunity to speak with a patient account representative. CaptureNet utilizes hospital brand specific, patient friendly statements and correspondence in addition to paperless billing and no-charge text messaging.