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Created by Healthcare Professionals.

CaptureNet was created by healthcare industry professionals with decades of experience in revenue cycle management and more specifically, active self-pay and balance after recovery. Like you, CaptureNet founders believed there had to be a better way to capture more active self-pay revenue by applying innovation-that-delivers-results. So, they built a solution to help you perform better.

Patient Engagement

Every aspect of CaptureNet’s proprietary system has been engineered to better engage patients--from the design of billing statements, to the most robust Patient Portal in the industry, to our data-driven automated workflow processes.

Transparent Visible Results

Clients have 24/7 access to every action we take to resolve outstanding active self-pay accounts through our client-facing Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards. Our clients can monitor endless KPI’s to assure the highest level of performance and compliance.

Technology Driven

Automated workflow processes driven by intelligence derived from sophisticated proprietary statistical and behavioral analytics informs CaptureNet at the individual guarantor level, who will pay, when they will pay, and how much they will pay.

The Leader in Active lea-Pay Innovation

More than 275 healthcare facilities in 26 states are innovating their active self pay with CaptureNet. 600+ trailblazing CFOs and PFS professionals have made a decision to challenge the status quo. They’re doing active self pay better, and they’re driving unprecedented gains

Capture More

It's time to challenge the status quo of your active self pay recovery efforts. Your Self Pay Innovation Score from CaptureNet™ will show you where you are, where you should be, and how to get there.

Resource Library

Whether you’re doing active self-pay inhouse, or you're working with a revenue cycle vendor; you owe it to yourself, your self pay patients, and your bottom line. View our resource library.

Case Studies

At CaptureNet our number one priority is producing a clearly defined return on investment for our clients. Don't just take our word for it, read more about our client results today.

Start Innovating. Better Results Are All You Have to Lose.